‘The Olympians’ Are Finally Coming To The Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Earlier this month it was announced that Russell Crowe would be joining Thor: Love and Thunder in a secret role. The actor has recently revealed himself on Australian radio station Joy 94.9 that he will be playing the Greek god Zeus. He has recently wrapped filming his scenes in the country. This would mark the first time another set of “gods” called The Olympians make their Marvel Cinematic Universe debut (first reported by Cineverse). A recent rumor suggests that the Greek gods of Olympus will actually be first mentioned in the Eternals later this year (as well as possibly Atlantis) before appearing in Thor: Love and Thunder. Christan Bale also joined the Thor Sequel as Gorr the God-Killer; which would make sense to add other gods into the MCU.

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Many fans have suggested that since Henry Cavill’s time as Superman in the DC Universe has unfortunately come to an end; he should join the MCU. Fan-casted Marvel characters included Captain Britan or Hyperion. However, now that Russell Crowe will indeed play Zeus in the MCU; many have wondered if Cavill could play his demi-god son, Hercules. In the comics, Hercules is a close ally to Thor and has even wielded Mjionir to destroy Ragnarok (cyborg Thor) in the crossover event Civil War. The Cinema Spot revealed last year that Kevin Feige expects to introduce Hercules in a future MCU project…

Eternals hits theaters this November; Thor: Love and Thunder hits February 11th, 2022

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