Marvel Studios ‘Blade’ Loses Director Bassam Tariq and Enters Rewrites

Today, The Hollywood Reporter announced that up-and-coming director Bassam Tariq has stepped away from directing the upcoming Marvel Studios vampire reboot Blade. According to the report, it was due to a scheduling conflict with his next project and the multiple false starts on production. Production has been pushed indefinitely until sometime in early 2023, while […]

Netflix Announces George Takei, Hiro Kanagawa and Randall Duk Kim to ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ Cast

Today, Netflix officially announced over 20 actors that have joined the cast of their upcoming live-action series Avatar: The Last Airbender. Our friends over at Avatar News, and we at Knight Edge Media already revealed many of them earlier this year. The previously revealed cast includes Water Tribe members Amber Midthunder (Prey) as Princess Yue,  […]

Hugh Jackman Returns as Wolverine in Marvel Studios ‘Deadpool 3’

Today, Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds released a statement regarding his absence from the recent D23 event in California. The video announcement reveals that he has been hard at work developing a story that will integrate Deadpool from the Fox Universe into the Marvel Cinematic Universe with director Shawn Levy. The announcement also revealed that Ryan […]

Lyon Daniels & Noah Cottrell Headline Full ‘Spiderwick Chronicles’ TV Series Cast

The upcoming Disney+ series based on The Spiderwick Chronicles book series has announced its entire cast. Newcomers Lyon Daniels and Noah Cottrell will lead the series as brothers. They are joined by Christian Slater, Joy Bryant, and Mychala Lee. Slater will play the main villain Mulgarath. Aron Eli Coleite will showrun the project with producers […]

‘Constantine’ Sequel Moves Forward with Keanu Reeves Returning

Today, Deadline announced that Warner Brothers is moving forward with a sequel to 2005’s Constantine starring Keanu Reeves. Back in 2020, we at Knight Edge Media had heard that a sequel film was put into early development with Reeves possibly returning. Director Francis Lawrence will return to direct the film after finishing The Hunger Games […]