SDCC 22: ‘Avatar Studios’ Announces Young Avatar Aang Animated Movie For 2025

avatar aang movie 2024 avatar studios

Today, during the Avatar: Braving The Elements Podcast live at San Deigo Comic-Con, original Korra voice actress Janet Varey made a quick comment regarding the current slate of animated films in production at Avatar Studios. While we at Knight Edge Media revealed that Kyoshi, Zuko, and Korra animated films were in the works another film was revealed. According to Nickelodeon, the first film will not focus on Avatar Kyoshi (though Paramount previously teased her) but on Avatar Aang as a young adult following the events of the original series. Switching release dates with the previously announced Kyoshi film. It’s unknown how far along this project is compared to the previously teased films. It’s also unknown who will write and direct this project.

Avatar Aang will hit theaters in 2025

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