Avatar Studios Will Add ‘The Rise of Kyoshi’ Novel Characters Into A Future Project

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During the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, author F.C Lee alongside Avatar: The Last Airbender co-creator Michael DiMartino released The Rise of Kyoshi novel. The book told how Kyohsi became Avatar after another Earthbender was wrongly revealed as the next Avatar in the cycle. It, alongside its sequel, The Shadow of Kyohsi, are considered some of the best entries into the Airbender universe but has yet to be adapted into an animated form. They were, however, already considered canon to the original animated series.

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 Avatar News has confirmed that Avatar Kyoshi, Rangi, Avatar Yun, and others from the novel will be added to a future Avatar Studios project. They could not confirm whether the characters will appear in the 2025 Avatar Aang movie or in the upcoming Earth Avatar TV Series for Paramount+. However, it should be noted that Avatar Korra severed the connection to the past Avatar’s spirit after Season 2 of The Legend of Korra. So technically, the new Earth Avatar can only communicate with her going forward unless they retcon it. Though, the new Avatar could just read the history of the past Avatars, which could include flashback sequences since Kyoshi was the Earth Avatar before them. We at Knight Edge Media had heard casting for the rumored Avatar Kyoshi animated movie began late last year but had since been put on hold.

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Netflix’s live-action series is expected to introduce Avatar Kyoshi in an episode played by Kung Fu actress Yvonne Chapman. She has been one of the most vocal actors beyond Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, which has put many fans’ worries to bed. She has mentioned several times in interviews she is a fan of the original series and even read the novels before taking the role. It would be pretty interesting if she ever got to return to voice the character in the animated universe after her love for the role.

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Avatar: Aang feature film hist theaters on October 10th, 2025

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