Avatar Studios ‘Earth Avatar’ TV Series Will Also Get A Feature Film in 2027

Several months ago, we learned that Avatar Studios was looking to develop a new Avatar: The Last Airbender spin-off series following The Legend of Korra about the Earth Avatar. The series will feature a brand new Avatar set in the Earth Kingdom but farther in the future than The Legend of Korra. It’s unknown if the new Avatar will be male or female in the upcoming series. It is rumored to debut on Paramount+ sometime in 2025.

Avatar News has now revealed that a feature film with the new Earth Avatar is slated to be released sometime in 2027. This marks yet another feature film the studio is developing after the Adult Aang, Zuko, Kyoshi, and Korra movies. The only one officially dated is the Avatar Aang movie, slated to hit October 2025. It is also rumored to be titled Avatar The Last Airbender: Echoes and Aftershocks, but that is unknown.

Earth Avatar Movie hits sometime in 2027

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