‘Avatar: Firelord Zuko’ Animated Movie Slated To Hit In 2026; ‘Avatar: Kyoshi’ Movie Begins Early Casting

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Today, our friends at Avatar News revealed that the Firelord Zuko animated theatrical movie is expected to hit sometime in 2026. This comes off the news that the adult Avatar Aang animated movie will hit on October 10th, 2025. The report speculates that Avatar Studios keep with the October release date and release the Zuko film around October 9th, 2026. We at Knight Edge Media previously reported everyone from the original series will be recast except Dante Basco returning as Zuko.

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It’s unknown what the plot of either film will be but they are expected to be standalone original stories and not adaptions of any previous literary work (i.e, Zuko’s mother). Two other animated films are in development as well, including Avatar Korra and Avatar Kyoshi projects.

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We have also heard that a voice casting call has already gone out for multiple roles in the Avatar: Kyoshi movie. Not much else is known beyond that, but it is expected to be the next film slated from Avatar Studios. It would be neat if creators Bryan Konietzko and Mike DiMartino considered Yvonne Chapman (Kung Fu) to return as Kyoshi following her live-action debut in the Netflix series.

Avatar: Firelord Zuko will hit theaters sometime in 2026

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