Annabeth Chase, Sally Jackson and Luke Castellan Audition Tapes Leak For ‘Percy Jackson’ Series (EXCLUSIVE)

sally jackson audition tape

A year ago, we at Knight Edge Media were able to reveal that open casting had begun for the Percy Jackson Disney+ series. Recently, breakout actor Walker Scobell was announced to have nabbed the lead role in the upcoming reboot. Now we are back as open casting call has been out on the other major supporting roles including Annabeth Chase, Sally Jackson, and Luke Castellan. Most of the audition tapes are up-and-coming actors including Emma Carranza & Jessica Knight reading for Annabeth, and Vincent Miller reading for Luke Castellan. However, actress Sabina Gadecki (LA’s Finest) does read for Percy’s mother Sally Jackson. While these actors may not be cast in the series it gives the idea of how the show will be adapted:

Percy Jackson & the Olympians will debut in 2023 on Disney+

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