EXCLUSIVE: Leaked ‘Green Lantern’ TV Series Audition Tapes Revealed

Green Lantern - Green Lantern: The Animated Series

Earlier today it was revealed that several different Green Lanterns will be featured in the upcoming HBO Max series. The series will follow Alan Scott in the 40s as an LA cop tasked to take down the mob, Guy Gardner and Bree Jarta in the ’80s dealing with systemic racism. As well as Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz set in modern times.

Alan Scott - Green Lantern

We at Knight Edge Media have uncovered several audition tapes for the series. They included actors Luke Fetherston (Pandora) and Jason Michael Snow (Downton Abbey) reading for the role of Alan Scott. As well as actress Prema Cruz (Preacher) reading for the role of Bree Jarta.




Green Lantern will stream exclusively on HBO Max

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