America Chavez Is The Key To The Multiverse In The ‘Doctor Strange’ Sequel

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During the climax of the final episode of WandaVision on Disney+, Wanda has finally released the town of Westview, New Jersey. She begins traveling the world to find her children she first willed into existence during the series. After reading the Darkhold, she stole from Agatha Harkness, and she hears her children cry out in the multiverse.

:: Spoilers Ahead ::

Wanda Maximoff (played by Elizabeth Olsen) will play an intricate role in Doctor Strange’s Multiverse of Madness. She has finally taken up the part of the Scarlet Witch and will stop at nothing until she finds her two boys. The film will turn Wanda into a sympathetic antagonist that will come face-to-face with Doctor Strange (played by Benedict Cumberbatch). He will be trying to stop Wanda from tearing apart the multiverse to find her children. In 2020, we learned that The Babysitters Club star Xochitl Gomez had joined the cast as America Chavez. She also plays a significant role in the film.

According to Daniel Ritchman on his Patreon, America Chavez is the key to the entire multiverse. In the comics, Miss America has the power to conjure up star-shaped portals to different points in the multiverse. The film is expected to lean heavily into that power as Wanda is after America Chavez to use her to find her boys. Doctor Strange, in turn, learns to protect the girl at all costs from Wanda’s rampage. The Illuminati will feature members from throughout the multiverse as they also learn of Wanda.

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It’s unknown if America Chavez is from the main MCU continuity or from another earth Wanda must find. Surprisingly, Xochitl Gomez has on her official Instagram bio she’s in Marvel’s Multiverse, not Doctor Strange 2. While it could be a simple typo she could also not be from the main timeline in the film.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness hits theaters March 2022

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