Nudity May Be Featured in Amazon’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ TV Series

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Ever since Amazon Studios announced they would be adapting The Second Age of J.R.R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings; many have wondered how much will be taken from HBO’s Game of Thrones. While Lord of the Rings has already been a successful film franchise and book series long before the Long Night took Winterfell. HBO’s groundbreaking series Game of Thrones is king when it came to a television-book adaption. As many watched the show unfold sex, nudity and incest were commonplace in the show starting with the very first episode between brother & sister Jamie and Cersei Lannister. As well as throughout the entire book series by author George R R Martin

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Now recently longtime Lord of the Rings fansite revealed that a new casting call has gone out for Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series by BGT Casting. The casting call mentions “actors must be comfortable with nudity”. As many know Lord of the Rings was never written in the way to overtly specify sexual scenes. All relationships within the books by Tolkien were monogamous within marriage to further bloodlines. However, it should be noted that Tolkien does explore sexual themes in the tale of The Mariner’s Wife during The Second Age.


Now we at Knight Edge Media have discovered that the series may indeed feature sexual scenes between characters. Recently, New Zealand native Jennifer Ward-Lealand has been hired on multiple local shows and films as an Intimacy Coordinator including Six Angry Women & Aitu. “An intimacy coordinator is a staff member who ensures the well-being of actors who participate in sex scenes or other intimate scenes in theater, film, and television production.” However, it should be noted that it could be from anywhere like simple kissing scenes through sex scenes.

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The crew member has revealed (via her official website) that she had been hired as an intimacy coordinator on “Amazon’s UAP.” Last year we revealed that UAP would be the working title for The Lord of the Rings series throughout production in New Zealand.


It is a safe bet to believe that Amazon Studios is looking to make their Lord of the Rings adaption a hard-R; which may upset longtime Tolkien fans. This is in stark contrast to Peter Jackson’s film adaptions…

This falls in line with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in 2017 who “mandated” the streaming service produce their own “Game of Thrones” series according to Business Insider.

The Lord of the Rings will stream exclusively on Amazon Prime

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