WGA Reach Tentative Agreement With Every Major Hollywood Studio

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Today, WGA and the AMPTP released a joint statement that the Writers Guild has reached a tentative deal with every major studio to end the ongoing writers’ strike effectively. The almost 11,000 members must still ratify the agreement, but the WGA leadership has already accepted their terms have been met after 146 days on strike. This revelation came after five intense days of negotiating, including top Hollywood executives for the first time.

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The executives included Disney’s Bob Iger, Warner Brothers David Zazslav, NBCUniversal’s Donna Langley, and Netflix’s Ted Sarandos. While the exact terms of the deal are still under wraps, it is expected to include formula-based “streams/views” for writer’s residuals on every streaming platform and the number of writers hired for a show’s writer’s room. As well as the use of AI by Major studios in lieu of actual human writers. Once ratified, every showrunner and staff writer may once again promote their upcoming projects on social media.

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The guild also announced while a deal has been made to get back to work, they will still stand in solidarity with the ongoing SAG-AFTRA actor’s strike that began on July 14th. While many productions are still down due to the actors looking for a fair deal. The two major obstacles to the writer’s strike (residuals & AI usage) will only help to resolve the actor’s strike even quicker.

Full contract details can be read at: https://www.wgacontract2023.org/

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