Amazon’s ‘Jack Ryan’ Season 4 Teases Jack’s Future Presidency in ‘Rainbow Six’?

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Today, Amazon Prime debuted the final season of Jack Ryan. The political thriller has starred John Krasinski in the title role as the CIA analyst over the past four seasons. The character was made famous in several Tom Clancy novels and numerous films. During one of the opening scenes, Ryan is briefing the President on a recent assassination in Nigeria. The President makes a quip that Ryan talks like “someone about to get into politics.” Ryan quickly jokes back, “Can you imagine? No offense.”

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Many don’t know that the character of Jack Ryan appears in the black ops novel Rainbow Six. As President, Ryan oversees John Clark and the rest of the team on various top-secret missions. A recent Rainbow Six film has been put into development following the success of Without Remorse starring Michael B. Jordan. Which ironically debuted on Amazon Prime and in theaters back in 2021. John Wick director Chad Stahelski was attached to the block ops film after he finishes a Ghost of Tsushima movie for Sony. This little quip in the recent season of Jack Ryan could be laying the groundwork for Jack Ryan’s presidency in the Rainbow Six film. Having John Krasinski return to the film, even in a minor role, could lead to a future Tom Clancy-shared universe.

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John Krasinski has already spoken to Michael B. Jordan at the possibility of the crossover: “As far as how long this goes, right now we have only shot four seasons and it looks like that would be the end of the series. But you never know. There may be another iteration for this character. It’s certainly been an amazing character for me to play. So who knows, we’ll see!”

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Jack Ryan is streaming today on Amazon Prime

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