Disney Interested in ‘Mulan’ Star Liu Yifei For ‘Tron: Ares’

Liu Yifei - Mulan

Earlier today it was revealed that Lion director Gareth Davis has boarded Disney’s upcoming Tron: Ares. The long-awaited pseudo-sequel to Tron: Legacy. While the film is set in the same universe it will not be directly tied to Tron: Legacy. Jared Leto was announced to be a part of the project in 2017 but announced today he has also officially signed onto the film.

Liu Yifei - Mulan

Now according to Daniel Ritchman’s Patreon account, Disney is looking for an Asain-American actress (20-29 years old) for the female lead in the film. The studio is interested in Mulan star Liu Yifei. Since the studio already chooses her to lead the live-action remake of Mulan it makes sense they would want her for other properties as well. The studio may be waiting to see how Mulan does when it’s released before offering other roles, however. Mulan will be released on Disney+ September 4th.

Tron: Ares has no set release date

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