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SAG-AFTRA Reach Tentative Agreement To Kickstart Hollywood Productions

Today, the negotiation committee for SAG-AFTRA reached a tentative agreement with every major Hollywood studio through AMPTP. The strike is officially over after 118 days that effectively shut down all major Hollywood productions. The ongoing actor’s strike was similar to the WGA writer’s strike earlier this summer. The actors’ main concerns were the studio’s residuals/bonus […]

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SAG-AFTRA Go On Strike! Screen Actors Guild Fail To Reach Agreement With Hollywood Studios

Today, the Screen Actors Guild has announced they will officially go on strike today as they failed to reach an agreement with AMPTP (on behalf of the major Hollywood Studios). The strike will effectively halt every major film and television currently in production indefinitely, including Deadpool 3 and The Gladiator 2. This strike is similar […]

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Johnny Depp Open To Working With Disney On ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Again

Today, People Magazine revealed that actor Johnny Depp has softened his stance on working with Disney again on any future project. The actor became bitter towards Disney and WB after he was removed from several of their high-profile projects following the abuse allegations and very public defamation trial last summer with ex-wife Amber Heard. Warner […]