RUMOR: ‘Black Panther: Eyes of Wakanda’ May Introduce A Female ‘Iron Fist’

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Recently, a new animated series was announced by Marvel Studios titled Eyes of Wakanda. The series will be an anthology and feature heroes, “Throughout Wakandan history, brave warriors have been tasked to travel the world retrieving dangerous vibranium artifacts.” Now, a new rumor from @CanWeHaveToast has revealed that one of the episodes will feature a female Iron Fist. As the heroes of Wakanda cross paths with the defender of K’un-Lun. The hero will be a new character created in the MCU (much like Kahhori in What If…?) named Janora, as she works with a Wakanda warrior named Basha.

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The final episode of Iron Fist on Netflix featured Colleen Wing (played by Jessica Henwick) as the new Iron Fist after Danny Rand (played by Finn Jones). Jessica Henwick has expressed interest to The Hollywood Reporter in returning as Colleen Wing after being approached to play Xu Xialing in 2021’s Shang-Chi, “If I did [‘Shang-Chi’], I would effectively be putting Colleen to bed. It wasn’t the main factor, but it definitely came up in conversation. I love Colleen. She changed my life.” Now that Echo has debuted on Disney+, the streaming service has listed each Netflix Defenders series as part of the MCU timeline (via IGN). Which character or historical event that will be referenced in the MCU going forward remains to be seen. But if Marvel Studios is willing to introduce the first “official” Iron Fist as a female warrior in the past, maybe they can use Colleen Wing as the Iron Fist of the future.

Black Panther: Eyes of Wakanda will stream exclusively on Disney+

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