Devery Jacobs Open To Reprising Her ‘What If?’ Role as Kahhori in the Live-Action MCU

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Marvel Studios has been releasing a brand new episode over the last week for their animated series, What If? Many fans have praised the show’s latest season, which has better writing than its original season back in 2021. The series also introduced the MCU to a brand new hero never before introduced in the comics.

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The episode What If… Kahhori Reshaped The World? has a Mohawk nation woman fall into a forbidden lake and be granted powers from the Tesseract. The studios hired Reservation Dogs star Devery Jacobs to voice the role of Kahhori. We at Knight Edge Media heard in 2021 that Mohawk actress Kiawentiio (Avatar: The Last Airbender) has a role in an upcoming episode of What If? We assumed it would be a lead role, but she voiced Kahhori’s younger brother, Wahta. A common practice in animation is having women voice young boys like in Naruto or Pokemon. The entire episode is spoken in the native Mohawk language with English subtitles.

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During the red carpet premiere of the episode, Jacobs was asked by Collider if she would be interested in reprising the role in live-action form in the Marvel Cinematic Universe even though she plays a separate role in next month’s Echo: “I don’t know, they’ve brought other people back in multiple roles. So, I leave that up to the higher-ups at the MCU. But I just love this character of Kahhori so much and would love to be able to bring her to life, whether that’s live-action or whether that’s through animation. I’ll always be there for that.” Many fans originally wanted Amber Midthunder (Prey) to play the character in live-action form, but it simply makes sense to have Jacobs return.

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What If? is streaming now on Disney+

Source: Collider

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