Director Zack Snyder Teases Directing A ‘Gears of War’ Movie For Netflix

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Recently, director Zack Snyder appeared at GamesCon 2023 to unveil the first full-length trailer for his upcoming sci-fi epic Rebel Moon. After the presentation, IGN sat down with Snyder and his wife, Deborah, about their experience with the film. They were also asked if there was a video game he would ever want to adapt into a movie; both teased Gears of War:

“We’ve talked about a bunch of… Gears has always come up in our sort of circle. I was always interested in the Halo franchise… They of course kind of made that, but it was something I always thought could be incredible.”

Snyder has moved from his home at Warner Brothers developing Man of Steel and Justice League to the streaming service Netflix. While at the streaming service, the director created his Army of the Dead franchise during the pandemic. He also will further expand the Rebel Moon universe with an upcoming mobile video game. The streaming service acquired the rights for a Gears of War project after it lapsed at New Line Cinema. The streaming service announced in March that Dune and Prometheus screenwriter Jon Spaihts joined the project to write the film. Actor Dave Bautista (Army of the Dead) even campaigned to play Marcus Phoenix in 2007 during the original video game series run. If anyone could bring the high-octane warscape of Gears to life, it would be Zack Snyder.

Gears of War has no set release date

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