Netflix Puts ‘Gears of War’ Feature Film Into Early Development

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Today, The Hollywood Reporter announced that Netflix has put into early development a feature-length Gears of War film followed by an animated series. Gears of War is a classic Xbox 360 video game franchised that spaned long into the Xbox One. A feature film was originally put into development by New Line Cinema back in 2007.

The game is set on a planet on the brink of societal collapse when a monstrous threat from below in the form of underground creatures known as the Locust takes humanity to the verge of extinction. Delta Squad, a ragtag fireteam led by disgraced sergeant Marcus Fenix, is now charged with leading humanity’s last stand.

Video game developer The Coalition will develop the project alongside Netflix. No screenwriter or director has been attached to the project just yet.

Gears of War has no set release date

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