‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ Spin-Off Series With An Earth Avatar Hits Paramount+ in 2025

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Today, over at Avatar News, they announced that a new series is in development from Avatar Studios about the next Avatar in the cycle. The series will debut for Paramount+ in late 2025 as they also simultaneously work on several feature films. The series will follow an Earth Avatar and could potentially take place in modern times, as The Legend of Korra took place roughly around the 1920s of our time.

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It’s unknown if the new Avatar will be male or female for the new series.  Finally, following the events of The Legend of Korra, the new Avatar still won’t have access to their past lives as Korra reset the Avatar Cycle. While she can commune with the new Avatar on their journey, other Avatars like Aang, Roku, or Kyoshi will be unavailable.

Avatar: Earth will begin streaming on Paramount+ in late 2025

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