Rosario Dawson Teases ‘The Punisher’ Revival With Jon Bernthal in Early Development

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Today, actress Rosario Dawson appeared at a conversation panel for C2E2 Chicago. During her panel, a fan asked that after Marvel Studios brought back Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio from the Netflix era, will she ever return as the Night Nurse? Dawson revealed that she recently heard that Marvel is reviving The Punisher with Jon Bernthal and would personally like to appear in that since she didn’t on Netflix.

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We at Knight Edge Media have heard that Kevin Feige did have a strong admiration for Jon Bernthal’s performance among others from the Netflix shows. MyTimeToShine did reveal on Twitter just last week that Bernthal will return but it was unknown if it would be a team-up project like The Thunderbolts or a solo outing. Daredevil was also announced to have his own solo project at San Deigo Comic-Con last month.

The Punisher has two seasons streaming on Disney+

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