Marvel Studios ‘Echo’ Disney+ Series Confirms Charlie Cox & Vincent D’Onofrio

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Recently, The Hollywood Reporter announced that both Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio would indeed be returning for the Echo Disney+ series for Marvel Studios. This comes off the series costume designer Stacy Caballero leaking the actor’s roles on her official website in April. Last year, we at Knight Edge Media revealed the studio was looking for the two Netflix actors to have a more significant presence in the Echo series after their initial (re)introductions in both Hawkeye and Spider-Man: No Way Home. We even revealed in April that Charlie Cox would begin filming his scenes sometime in May alongside Vincent D’Onofrio. This will be the first time since their original Daredevil series was canceled on Netflix; the two actors will return to play their iconic roles of Matt Murdock and The Kingpin together.

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The report adds, “Echo will include a plotline in which Daredevil, whose alter ego is blind attorney Matt Murdoch, is searching out a former ally.” Some have suggested that this could reintroduce fellow Netflix star Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones. We originally reported in 2020 that Kevin Feige loved her interpretation of Jessica Jones. She was originally slated to appear in She-Hulk this year, but the role was rewritten for Charlie Cox due to a scheduling conflict. So her appearance in the Echo series would make the most logical sense. It’s still unknown if Mike Colter or Finn Jones will be reintroduced into the MCU as Luke Cage or Iron Fist. However, on Instagram last month, Ritter and Colter teased a Defenders reunion in LA. The series will star Alaqua Cox and Devery Jacobs. Production is currently underway in Atlanta.

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Echo has no set release date on Disney+

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