HBO Develops Multiple ‘Game of Thrones’ Spin-Off Shows Including Robert’s Rebellion

Robert Aramayo - Eddard Stark

Today, Variety announced that a new Game of Thrones spin-off series was in the works. According to the report, the new series will be based on the Tales of Dunk & Egg novel. The story follows Ser Duncan the Tall as he trains young Aegon Targaryen as his squire.

Game of Thrones - Robert Baratheon

Entertainment Weekly went onto reveal that several more shows were also in the works at HBO. A long fan-favorite prequel idea based on Robert’s Rebellion has been wanted by fans for a while. That series is also in early development and follows young Robert Baratheon and Ned Stark as they took over the Iron Throne from House Targaryen. It’s unknown how far these show ideas will go as The Long Night filmed a pilot episode but was ultimately canceled by HBO. They are now moving forward with House of the Dragon which begins production in several months.

Game of Thrones spin-off shows will debut on HBO

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