Neve Campbell Returns For ‘Scream 7’

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Today, Neve Campbell revealed on Instagram that she will return to her original horror franchise, Scream. Behind-the-scenes work on the sequel has been troublesome over the last six months due to Melissa Barrera‘s firing and Jenna Ortega‘s departure from the franchise. Campbell also walked away from the franchise after the 5th film because she was disputing her salary with Paramount to appear in the sixth film. All these setbacks forced new Scream director Christopher Landon to step down. Paramount Pictures and Spyglass went back to the drawing board to completely rewrite the sequel from scratch, which will now include Sidney Prescott. It’s unknown if Scream 5 and 6 events will even be referenced or canon moving forward. Kevin Williamson has boarded the project to direct with a screenplay by Guy Busick.

Scream 7 has no set release date

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