Jenna Ortega Drops Out Of ‘Scream 7’

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Today, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that actress Jenna Ortega has exited appearing in Scream 7. This comes on the heels of the studio firing her co-star and on-screen sister Melissa Barrera for pro-Palestinian social media posts over the last week. Ortega was already on the edge of leaving the horror franchise before the SAG actor’s strike began earlier this summer.

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She was recently promoted to Executive Producer and star on Netflix’s Wednesday series. The second season is expected to begin filming in early 2024 in Ireland. She also is expected to finish filming some pick-up shots for Beetlejuice 2 which had Ortega already considering leaving Scream. Now, after Barrera’s firing from the franchise, it simply solidified that Ortega would also not return. No script has been written yet for the film, and unknown if the studio will even move forward without their lead actresses.

Scream 7 has no set release date

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