RUMOR: Dallas Liu Eyed For A Role In Lionsgate’s ‘Naruto’ Live-Action Movie

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Today, fans got their first look at footage of Dallas Liu as Prince Zuko in the upcoming live-action adaption of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Then, Daniel Ritchman took to his Patreon to reveal that Lionsgate is looking at Dallas for an unspecified role in their Naruto live-action movie. While many fans might assume he would be a good fit for Saskue, it should be noted Dallas is already 22 years old.

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We don’t know if the film will adapt the original series or the sequel series, Naruto Shippuden. In the second series, a time jump occurs, and all the characters are much older. Liu may be up for one of the Jonin ninjas, as they are all in their 20s during the show’s run. It’s unknown when production will begin on the film either. Tasha Huo (Red Sonja)  penned the most recent draft of the script earlier this summer.

Naruto has no set release date

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