Martin Freeman Returns For Marvel Studios ‘Secret Invasion’ Disney+ Series

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Production on the upcoming Secret Invasion series on Disney+ has been going on for several months in Atlanta. Lead actor Samuel L Jackson is expected to return to the MCU as the original Nick Fury not played by a Skrull. While speaking on Samuel L. Jackson: In Conversation With Josh Horowitz in March the actor made an off-handed comment about working with Olivia Coleman and Martin Freeman on the series:

“How amazing is that? Martin Freeman. Come on. When I walked in the room and Olivia Colman was standing there, I was just like, [excited]. We just started laughing, and when we started to work, it was so glorious and such a ball. We were just kind of having a good time. She is so amazing and so effective in a scene.”

Martin Freeman is best known for his role as CIA agent Everett Ross in the original Black Panther. Now the actor has confirmed to Radio Times that he will indeed appear in the upcoming crossover Disney+ event Secret Invasion and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever:

“Yeah – I think that’s kosher information, isn’t it? In order not to embarrass Samuel, I will say… I’m not gonna say he’s got that totally wrong and he’s thinking of Sam Rockwell. So yes, I may very well be [appearing].”

So the real question has Ross been a Skrull this entire time or the real Everett Ross.

Secret Invasion has no set release date on Disney+

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