‘Cloverfield’ Sequel Finally in Early Development

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Today, The Hollywood Reporter announced that the 2008 found-footage alien invasion film Cloverfield will finally get a sequel. The film was originally directed by The Batman director Matt Reeves and was produced by JJ Abrams. The upcoming film will be written by Gotham PD showrunner Joe Barton according to the report. The report also mentions the sequel will not be shot in the “found footage” format.

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Several spin-off films have been released in the universe including 10 Cloverfield Lane and The Cloverfield Paradox. Neither film was originally written to be connected to the original film but was shoehorned in after they both had secretly completed production. JJ Abrams will once again produce the new project under his Bad Robot banner for Paramount Pictures.

Cloverfield 2 has no set release date

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