RUMOR: Brian Cox May Return as William Stryker in Marvel Studios ‘Deadpool 3’

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Over the last several days, many cameo rumors about who will appear in Deadpool 3 began swirling. The film will feature Deadpool (played by Ryan Reynolds) teamed up with Wolverine (played by Hugh Jackman) as they travel through the Fox Multiverse. The accurate cameos reported include actors from 2000’s original X-Men, 2003’s original Daredevil, 2005’s original Fantastic Four, and finally, Channing Tatum’s first appearance as Gambit. Other false rumors include Taylor Swift as Dazzler, as the story has been around since 2017’s Dark Phoenix (via EW). As well as, Taron Egerton playing a variant Wolverine, which has just been a fancast for several years.

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However, another minor cameo has flown under the radar, includes Brian Cox returning as Wolverines creator Colonel William Stryker. Beyond Magneto, Cox’s portrayal in 2003’s X-Men: United has always been considered one of the best villains in the 20 years of the franchise. The actor has always wanted to return to the character with de-aging technology but was ultimately recast in X-Men Origins: Wolverine by actor Danny Huston.

“I’m always open, you never close any door down, especially if it’s enjoyable. And certainly, the X-Men film, because I was only in the one, was really enjoyable. I would revisit any time, because I just like that working atmosphere. It was a good atmosphere,”

How Stryker will feature in the Multiverse is unknown, though a flashback is not out of the question for Wolverine. Cox recently finished his run on HBO’s Succession and will next voice Helm Hammerhand in The War of the Rohirrim. Production has halted due to the SAG actor’s strike but will pick up once the strike ends. Shawn Levy (Free Guy) will direct the massive Fox Universe crossover film.

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Deadpool 3 is slated to hit theaters on May 3rd, 2024

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