Does Taylor Swift Cameo In Marvel Studios ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ ?

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Today, Ryan Reynolds released a new short promo for Deadpool & Wolverine on #BestFriendsDay. The promo shows a shot of a Deadpool suit with feminine-esque legs without showing the actor’s face. Many fans caught on that this could be our first look at Lady Deadpool, who was rumored to appear alongside other Deadpool variants like Dogpool and Kidpool. Uncoincidentally, creator Rob Liefeld tweeted out Lady Deadpool’s first appearance today, practically confirming the legs are hers.

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Some have theorized that singer Taylor Swift could be the actress who plays the film’s character. Due to her love of Deadpool, her friendship with Blake Lively, and her dressing up as the character for Halloween back in 2016 (via Vogue). As well as director Shawn Levy, Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, and Hugh Jackman appearing at a Taylor Swift concert last year during her worldwide Eras Tour (above). However, when asked if Swift would appear in the mutant film, director Shawn Levy never gives a straight answer (via ET):

“That is hardly confirmed nor denied in this interview,” Levy joked. “I’m going to literally walk about of the frame and save myself, otherwise Ryan’s taking a hit [out] on me.”

However, others have said that Taylor Swift could still appear as the mutant pop star & singer Dazzler in the film. Swift has been rumored to have played Dazzler way back during production for Dark Phoenix at 20th Century Fox (via Entertainment Weekly). The character cameos in the film by actress Halston Sage (below).

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Some think Reynolds’s longtime wife, Blake Lively, could appear in the star’s final Deadpool film. The two have been known to roast each other on social media. It would be more fun if something like this happened between Deadpool and Lady Deadpool in the film instead of just Taylor Swift showing up randomly in a Deadpool costume. The pop star also couldn’t film anything during her massive Eras tour last year but could have filmed something during the film’s reshoots several months ago. We will finally learn if Swift will appear in the massive mutant multiverse film in a month.

Update: Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that Taylor Swift does not appear in the film at all.

Deadpool & Wolverine hit theaters on July 26th

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