Hugh Jackman Reveals Classic Yellow ‘Wolverine’ Suit From ‘Deadpool 3’ Set

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Production has been underway for Marvel Studios Deadpool 3 for over a month in the UK. Several set photos have leaked showcasing a slightly different Deadpool (played by Ryan Reynolds) suit with deeper red coloring (before editing). Now actor Hugh Jackman revealed on his Instagram the very first look at his classic Wolverine suit that will be used in the film.

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While the actor has played the character for over 20 years, he has never been able to wear the classic yellow & blue suit used in the comics. With original X-Men director Bryan Singer opted for a black leather suit with colored trim in his films, much to the dismay of fans. A small replicate suit was shown at the end of 2013’s The Wolverine by director James Mangold though Jackman never got to wear it.

Deadpool 3 hits theaters on May 3rd, 2024

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