‘The Flash’ Featured ‘Superman’ Cameos From Christopher Reeves, Helen Slater and Nicholas Cage

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The Flash has finally hit theaters and delved deeper into the (previous) DC multiverse. While the film featured over three different Batmen, including Michael Keaton, Ben Affleck, and the return of Geroge Clooney. The film would also go on to feature several past Supermen. During the climactic battle with Dark Flash in the speed force Barry Allen (both played by Ezra Miller) was shown the multiverse and how his actions were destroying other worlds.

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The glimpse into the multiverse showed a recreated Christopher Reeves and Helen Slater as Superman and Supergirl. Another World showcased Nicholas Cage from his never-made long-haired Superman universe, originally going to be written by Kevin Smith (Clerks). There is even a small glimpse of George Reeves as Superman from the 1950s and a mention of Henry Cavill as Superman. The film also featured Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa returning as Wonder Woman and Aquaman from the Snyderverse though the post-credit suggests that Arthur Curry is from the Clooney-Batman universe.

The Flash is in theaters today

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