EDITORIAL: ‘The Flash’ Movie Will Enter The DC Bat-Verse

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Rumors have been running rampant regarding the upcoming DC Comics multiverse film The Flash. The film has allegedly undergone multiple reshoots (via GameRant) to change the ending of the film. Will Michael Keaton be the new old man Batman of the DC Universe? Will a new Justice League team emerge during the film’s conclusion? Or will Barry Allen reset the timeline entirely and create the new DC Studios Universe headed by James Gunn & Peter Safran?

:: Spoilers Ahead ::

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The film has been regarded as one of the best DC films to come out of the Snyder Universe, which started with Man of Steel. Christina Hodson (Birds of Prey) wrote it after many writers tried cracking a version of the script over the last several years. It was later revealed that Michael Keaton would return from the 89′ Batman as Bruce Wayne. As well as Ben Affleck’s return as the Snyder-Unitiession of Bruce Wayne. The film would tie the two universes together, and initiates (played by Ezra Miller) would initiate Flashpoint by going back in time to save his mother. The film would end with Barry Allen returning to the Snyder-verse only to see his original Justice League had been changed to include Supergirl (Sasha Calle), Batgirl (Leslie Grace), and Shazam (Zachary Levi). Michael Keaton would also stay as an older Bruce Wayne who would mentor Batgirl in the canceled spin-off film and future DC films.

Yesterday, rumors started flying online that yet another past Batman actor would appear in the film’s final moments. According to sources, George Clooney had been seen on set recently during reshoots exiting a vehicle as Batman and Robin’s version of Bruce Wayne alongside Barry Allen. The studio has scrapped the new Justice League and Michael Keaton as the final Batman Barry encounters scenes. Ironically, in 2021 Ben Affleck was asked by Jimmy Kimmel (via CBR) if Clooney’s Batman would also appear to which he said , “If he is, he hasn’t told me. I mean, it’s possible — he may be very guarded . . . I don’t believe he’s in The Flash, but I mean, I didn’t even see Michael Keaton [on the set of The Flash], so maybe.”.

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Unfortunately, a rumor then swirled that Clooney was only added to The Flash to become the Batman featured in The Brave and the Bold. DC Studios head James Gunn took to Twitter and shot down that rumor as they will recast their version of Batman for the upcoming reboot and not feature Clooney whatsoever. The Flash film will reset the timeline of the DC Universe but will not be a segway into the upcoming rebooted DC Universe.

In the end, the small Clooney cameo was simply added as a gag for Barry Allen after he messed up the timeline. Allen will travel from the Snyderverse to the 89′ Batman universe and end up in the wacky Joel Schumacher Batman universe. It’ll be interesting if the studio keeps this ending or scrap it like the rest.

The Flash hits theaters on June 16, 2023

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