Micheal Keaton Set To Return as Bruce Wayne in ‘Flashpoint’; Setting Up Multiple Projects

Micheal Keaton Flashpoint

Today, The Wrap (and The Hollywood Reporter) announced that 1989 Batman star Micheal Keaton is set to return as Bruce Wayne in DC’s upcoming Flash film Flashpoint.  According to the report, Keaton will have a large role in the film which features an alternate timeline after Barry (played by Ezra Miller) goes back to save his mother from Reverse-Flash. Keaton will also serve as the “Nick Fury” of the universe appearing in multiple films as a mentor including the long-in-development Batgirl movie. Earth-89 was recently used in the DCTV crossover event Crisis on Infinite Earth’s which featured Earth-89 getting destroyed by the Anti-Monitor.


In the comics, Thomas Wayne (played by Jeffery Dean Morgan in Batman v Superman) is the one that survives the alley murder instead of Bruce Wayne in this timeline. Earlier this week it seemed that Morgan was being approached to play Thomas Wayne in the upcoming film. However, that seems to have been from a previous draft and the character no longer is in the current version of the script. This indicates that WB is trying to get further away from Zack Snyder’s universe with a “soft-reboot” using Flashpoint.

Flashpoint hits in 2022

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