Ben Affleck Will Return as Bruce Wayne in ‘Flashpoint’

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Today, Vanity Fair announced that Ben Affleck has agreed to star in The Flash solo film starring Ezra Miller.

This comes off the actor stepping away from the role after his personal drinking issues and divorce from ex-wife Jennifer Garner forced the actor to seek professional help. Many had written off the actor ever returning for Batman even though most consider his take on the character in Batman v Superman the most comic accurate portrayal.

Recently, the studio started speaking to the actor to return in a smaller role alongside other Bruce Wayne actor Micheal Keaton. Affleck was shown the latest script for The Flash a week ago and agreed to return. The role again will be a smaller cameo type role in the film. He will however also suit up as Batman.

This is will be a positive sendoff of his Batman as he will not be returning for any additional films or HBO Max series…

Flashpoint hits theaters hits theaters June 22nd, 2022

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