Warner Brothers Considering Making A ‘Ben 10’ Live-Action Movie

ben 10 live action banner

Today, on Daniel Ritchman’s Patreon account, he revealed that Warner Brothers is looking to adapt the classic Cartoon Network animated series Ben 10 into a feature film. Not much else is known, but the studio has put the project into early development with a big budget. Several TV movies were made over the years but they were all met with poor reviews. During his Spider-Man: Homecoming days, many fans have fancast Tom Holland in the role of an older Ben Tennyson seen in the later seasons.

ben ten 2005 animated still

The studio may go with Ben when he is 10 years old in the original series. Ben first finds the Omnitrix from a meteor while on summer vacation with his Grandpa Max and cousin Gwen Tennyson. The Omnitrix is an alien watch that allows Ben to transform into ten different alien species. He eventually unlocks more aliens when he grows up in the show beyond the initial ten. No writer or director is attached to the project.

Ben 10 has no set release date

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