‘Moon Knight’ Introduces The Scarlet Scarab To The Marvel Cinematic Universe

layla Scarlet Scarab moon knight

Recently, the final episode of Moon Knight debuted on the Disbey+ streaming service. The episode featured Marc Spector’s long-time love interest Layla (played by May Calamawy) accepting the role of being the Egyptian god Taweret’s avatar. The female god offers Layla a new suit and introduces the world to the first Egyptian superhero, the Scarlet Scarab. She teams up with Moon Knight in the final moments of the episode. In the comics, the character is male set during the 1940s protecting Egypt from foreign invaders.

marc spector layla moon knight egypt

While speaking with Marvel.com consulting producer Sarah Goher speaks about Calamawy’s performance “When we were putting [together our pitch], she was in the presentation. We knew in our hearts that we wanted someone like her to take on this role. And then once we got her on board, she just gave like 1,000%, and I’m so happy with Layla.” As the show barely mentions the ever-expanding MCU it’ll be interesting to see if she appears in any future Marvel projects moving forward.

Moon Knight is now streaming on Disney+

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