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‘Moon Knight’ Season 2 Put Into Early Development By Oscar Isaac and Director Mohamed Diab

Today, Moon Knight series director Mohamed Diab posted a TikTok seemingly confirming he is with star¬†Oscar Isaac in Cairo, Egypt discussing the next season. The series was not originally announced during the Marvel Studios panel at San Deigo Comic-Con last month but could be officially announced at D23 in September. As many of the Phase […]

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TRAILER: Marc Spector Doesn’t Remember He Is ‘Moon Knight’

The series follows Steven Grant, a mild-mannered gift-shop employee, who becomes plagued with blackouts and memories of another life.¬† Steven discovers he has dissociative identity disorder and shares a body with mercenary Marc Spector. As Steven/Marc’s enemies converge upon them, they must navigate their complex identities while thrust into a deadly mystery among the powerful […]

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Marvel Studios Confirms ‘Agatha: House of Harkness’ and ‘Echo’ TV Shows; ‘Loki’ & ‘What If’ Season 2 Announced

Today, during the Disney Plus Day event a 14-min special was unveiled by Marvel Studios about their upcoming slate of shows. While most of the special was a look back at WandaVision, Loki, & The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, several shows that have been rumored were confirmed. Alongside their title cards, Marvel confirmed Agatha: […]