Director Chloé Zhao Courted To Helm Kevin Feige’s ‘Star Wars’ Movie

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Marvel Studios has released their long-in-development Eternals film over the weekend to less than stellar reviews. While the film isn’t resonating with critics, fans seem to love the director Academy Award-winning director Chloe Zhao went with the new group of Marvel heroes. The director recently spoke about her love of both Man of Steel and Star Wars while making Eternals. She has gone on to reveal if she would ever pivot towards Star Wars if Lucasfilm gives her a call after her time at Marvel.


We at Knight Edge Media have heard that she was in discussions with producer Kevin Feige to direct his upcoming Star Wars spin-off film. His film is the first non-Marvel movie he is set to produce. He has already hired Loki & Doctor Strange writer Michael Waldron to pen the script. Now One Take News has revealed Chloe Zhao is a lock for the gig. While the announcement was expected to be announced, the reviews from Eternals have at least delayed that plan. Director Patty Jenkins own Star Wars film Rogue Squadron has been delayed until she completes Wonder Woman 3. It’s possible the rumored Star Wars project for next year could be Kevin Feige and Chloe Zhao’s but that has yet to be confirmed.  Kevin Feige’s project and the rumored Old Republic film could very well be one-in-the-same. And with the Knights of the Old Republic remake video game on the horizon to be released, it may be prime time to explore that star Wars era.

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Kevin Feige’s Star Wars has no set release date

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