RUMOR: Marvel Studios Considering Developing a ‘World War Hulk’ Feature Film


Today, our friends over at Geeks World Wide have revealed that Marvel Studios has decided to move forward with a Hulk solo film based on World War Hulk starring Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner. As many remember, the last solo film came out back in 2008 in partnership with Universal Pictures. The two studios have long had a heated relationship for the rights of their characters as opposed to Sony Pictures. The last we heard was during the development process for Thor: Ragnarok; Marvel could not call the film Thor: Planet Hulk due to Universal blocking the character’s name in the title. The clause states that Marvel Studios can’t use a character’s name in the title of a project or make solo projects based on the characters, but crossovers are still allowed.

Mark Ruffalo - Avengers: Endgame

That all changed when Marvel announced a She-Hulk series was in the works at Disney+ starring Tatiana Maslany. New rumors began in 2020 that both Hulk and Namor rights reverted to Marvel from Universal anyway. This would explain why Namor is also expected to make his MCU debut in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever next year. The report goes on to mention that production will begin in 2022 or 2023. The film will be loosely based on the comic book arc of the same name following the events of She-Hulk. Considering, Shang-Chi’s post-credit scene featured Bruce Banner separate once again from The Hulk. It will be interesting how this all unfolds on the Disney+ series.

World War Hulk has no set release date

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