Warner Brothers & Milestone Comics Developing An ‘Icon’ Project For HBO Max?

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Earlier this year we learned that Milestone Comics was making a come-back as a subsidiary of DC Comics. Milestone was a comic book company that featured African-American heroes written and drawn by African-American artists. Two major characters to come out of Milestone included Static along with Icon & Rocket. All these characters eventually crossed over to the larger DC Universe.

Milestone Returns: Infinite Edition (2021-) #0 - Static

During DCFanDome it was revealed that a Static film was in the works and later revealed that Michael B. Jordan would be producing. Walter Hamada while speaking with the New York Times revealed characters like Static & Batgirl might appear on HBO Max instead of a theatrical release.

Young Justice - DC Comics

Now Daniel Ritchman has revealed on his Patreon that a project based on the character of Icon is also in the works. It’s assuming that the character will feature Rocket as well. All three characters have been recently featured on the animated series Young Justice. With Static appearing on HBO Max next it would make sense that Icon & Rocket might appear as well.

Icon has no set release date

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