Marvel’s Studios ‘Fantastic Four’ Announcement Inches Forward

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Earlier this week our friends over at Murphy Multiverse revealed that Marvel Studios has registered a new video production company. These shell LLCs are used to start early pre-production on upcoming films while keeping the actual name of the film a secret. However, they can sometimes give a clue to what exactly the film is going to be. According to the report, Solve Everything LLC was registered by Marvel Studios. While on the surface this doesn’t sound like anything but the comic books may reveal that this is for the still unannounced Fantastic Four reboot by Marvel.

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In 2008 writer Jonathan Hickman wrote a three-issue arc revolving around a guilty Reed Richards who builds a machine named The Bridge. The Bridge allows Mr. Fantastic to look into the Marvel Multiverse. In doing so, Reed discovers there are multi-Bridges being built by “other” Reed Richards on separate earth’s. Thus, leading to the discovery of the Council of Reeds. It has long been rumored that The Quantum Realm (introduced in Ant-Man) holds the key to the Marvel Cinematic Universe multiverse…

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The Fantastic Four was always Kevin Feige’s top property to reboot after Disney acquired Fox last year. This in turn would mean Marvel Studios has access to all the previously off-limit Fox/Marvel characters like the X-Men, Silver Surfer, and Galactus as well as Marvel’s First Family. We at Knight Edge Media also learned as of this writing that three Untitled Marvel Projects have been added to the recent addition of Production Weekly (it could still be for a Disney+ series or Sony/Marvel project). But with the recent LLC registered Marvel Studios might be gearing up to announce the long-awaited Fantastic Four feature film.

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This also comes off last years 5 untitled Marvel dates that were nabbed by the studio including UNTITLED MARVEL FILM – October 7, 2022 (new) UNTITLED MARVEL FILM – February 17, 2023 (new) UNTITLED MARVEL FILM – May 5, 2023 (new) UNTITLED MARVEL FILM – July 28, 2023 (new) UNTITLED MARVEL FILM – November 3, 2023 (new). However, keep in mind this was before COVID-19 pandemic swept across the globe pushing back every Marvel Studios project going forward…


We also know longtime Reed Richards fan-favorite actor John Krasinski met with Marvel Studios back at the beginning of the year. Krasinski and his wife Emily Blut have been up for multiple Marvel roles since 2010 including Captain America and Black Widow. However, the married couple in recent years has become a fan-favorite to play onscreen married couple Reed Richards & Sue Storm. Even if the two aren’t cast the discussion was most likely flirted with idea between both camps as a possibility.

It now seems we are closer than ever to the long-awaited announcement of Marvel Studios Fantastic Four…

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