WB Putting ‘Batman Beyond’ & ‘Zatanna’ Into Active Development

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Earlier today our friends over at DCEU Mythic revealed that WB is considering a live-action Zatanna movie. This will be separate from the Justice League Dark series JJ Abrams & Bad Robot is developing for HBO Max. The studio is considering films based on many characters from that side of the DC Universe. Many have fancast Ana de Aramas and Alexandria Daddario in the role of the Zatanna.

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We have also learned from our friend Daniel Ritchman on his Patreon that the studio is also putting into development a Batman Beyond movie. This makes sense since the studio is looking to (re) cast Micheal Keaton in the role of a much older Bruce Wayne in Flashpoint. It makes sense to also consider Batman Beyond has Bruce Wayne is no longer Batman in that timeline but his successor Terry McGinnis is.

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