‘Green Lantern’ TV Series Will Introduce Sinestro Over Multiple Decades

Mark Strong Sinestro 2011

Today, during HBO Max TCA presentation some information was dropped regarding Greg Berlanti’s upcoming Green Lantern TV series. According to WarnerMedia original content head, Sarah Aubrey the upcoming space-buddy adventure will span multiple decades, include several fan-favorite Lanterns (Most likely Hal Jordan & John Stewart) and introduce Sinestro (originally played by Mark Strong) “The series so far is going to span several decades and focus on the origin story of two major Green Lanterns on Earth while going into the story in space, and Green Lantern favorite character [and villain] Sinestro,” After last night’s DCTV event Crisis on Infinite Earths it features footage from 2011’s Green Lantern with Hal Jordan (originally played by  Ryan Reynolds) flying off to Oa from Earth-12. It will be interesting if this was specifically put in place for this upcoming HBO Max series.

Green Lantern will stream exclusively on HBO Max

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