Full Cast Announced For ‘National Treasure’ Disney+ Series

Recently, Deadline announced that a slew of up-and-coming actors has joined the cast of National Treasure on Disney+. Lyndon Smith (Parenthood), Zuri Reed (Flatbush Misdemeanors), Jake Austin Walker (12 Mighty Orphans), Antonio Cipriano (Jagged Little Pill), and Jordan Rodrigues (Light as a Feather) will round out the cast. They join the previously announced Lisette Alexis […]

Lisette Alexis Will Star In The ‘National Treasure’ Disney+ Series

Recently, Varitey announced that actress Lisette Alexis had been cast as the lead role for the upcoming National Treasure Disney+ Series. The film franchise originally starred treasure hunter Nicholas Cage as he searched America for different clues to the nation’s history. Alexis is best known for the recent thriller. We Need to Do Something. Alexis […]