CinemaCon 24′: Kevin Feige Gives Updates on the ‘Thunderbolts’, ‘Captain America 4’ and ‘The Fantastic Four’

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Today, during the Marvel Studios segment of the Walt Disney presentation, head Kevin Feige took to the stage to give some updates on his current slate of films. Deadpool & Wolverine will have a promotional popcorn bucket that’s a parody of the Dune: Part 2 buckets. The audience was also shown 9 minutes of footage from the film but no new trailer. The Fantastic Four will be shot entirely in IMAX by director Matt Shakman, and production begins in a few months. Actress Florence Pugh sent a video message from the set of Thunderbolts, and as fans noticed, the title included an asterisk. Feige revealed that the strike is on purpose and will not be revealed until the film is released. Suggesting it could get a title change following the film, like The Dark Avengers or something similar. Finally, the first footage was shown from Captain America: Brave New World by Feige and star Anthony Mackie. While the film’s third act will be reshoot later this year, many in the audience compared the film’s tone to that of Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Deadpool & Wolverine, Thunderbolts, Captain America 4, and The Fantastic Four will all be released in theaters

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