FANCAST: Major Characters in Netflix’s ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ Season 2

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Jung Ho yeon jo dee avatar the last airbender

Jung Ho-yeon – Joo Dee

Jung Ho-yeon is the breakout star of Netflix’s Squid Game. She plays Player 067 in the hit series but is often portrayed throughout the series as the quiet and cold player on the team. While Ho-yeon doesn’t have many acting credits, she takes the role seriously and internalizes the character’s loneliness throughout the film. If given the chance, she could bring this same cold loneliness to Joo Dee, the secret informant to Long Feng. While the character always has a massive, unsettling smile due to her brainwashing. Ho-yeon could try to bring the loneliness to the character behind her smiling face. She doesn’t want to spy for the Dai Li but is forced against her will. Ho-Yeon was able to experience so much emotion without even talking in the first episodes of Squid Game. Jung Ho-yeon is 29 years old and of South Korean descent.

Avatar: The Last Airbender season 2 will return to Netflix sometime in 2026

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