Aaron Stanford Returns as Pyro in Marvel Studios ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’

Aaron Stanford pyro deapdool 3 banner

Marvel Studios recently released the very first trailer for Deadpool 3 and revealed the film’s official title as Deadpool & Wolverine. The trailer was more or less two extended scenes of Wade Wilson (played by Reynolds) captured by the TVA and only a glimpse at Wolverine (played by Hugh Jackman) in his classic yellow suit. The trailer also revealed that original X-Men star Aaron Stanford has returned to cameo as Pyro.


Judging by his outfit, he is most likely a variant lost in The Void alongside Sabertooth. It’s unknown who is playing Sabertooth, but set photos have teased the return of Tyler Mane (via The Mirror), not fan-favorite Liev Schreiber. Toad has also been confirmed to make an appearance, but it’s unknown if Ray Park will return.

Deadpool & Wolverine hit theaters on July 26th

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