Sony Pictures Removes ‘El Muerto’ From Film Slate While Bad Bunny Drops Out

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Earlier this week, Sony Pictures announced it would remove the Spider-Man spin-off film El Muerto from its 2024 film slate. As the film hasn’t even begun production yet, it was always unlikely to meet its January 2024 release date. The Hollywood Reporter revealed that the film’s script still needed to be rewritten and couldn’t due to the WGA Strike.

El Muerto is about two wrestlers that get superpowers from their masks. They are in the middle of a conflict between the Mafia run by Tombstone and Hammerhead and the Mexican Cartel run by Werewolves.

Today, One Take News has announced that star and singer Bad Bunny has dropped out of the project together. The report states that the studio still wants to make the film, but it will recast the title role. Bad Bunny simply couldn’t make time to film the movie while also touring musically and his commitments to the WWE. Jonás Cuarón is still attached to direct with a script written by Gareth Dunnet Alcocer.

El Muerto has no set release date

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