Simu Liu Teases Future ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ Live-Action Cameo On Netflix?

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Simu Liu made a name for himself locally on the Canadian sitcom Kim’s Convenience. He played the estranged and sometimes angry son, Jung, of Mr. Kim, played by co-star Paul Sun-Hyung Lee. He became a global sensation after starring in Marvel’s Shang-Chi in the title role, which miraculously was completed during the COVID-19 pandemic. So when Paul Sun-Hyung Lee was cast as Uncle Iroh in Netflix’s Avatar: The Last Airbender, many fans of both shows thought it would be fun to have Simu Liu play Iroh’s son Lu Ten in the live-action series.

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In the end, nothing came of that fancast, but Liu did congratulate Lee for playing Appa (Mr.Kim) to now playing Iroh in November 2021. Today, Simu Liu took to Instagram to randomly post an image from inside a makeup trailer with the captain “And then the Fire Nation attacked”. He also has his head capped, much like Daniel Dae Kim did as Firelord Ozai (via Twitter) during production. Now, while production was completed over a year ago, the image could simply be old. Not an added-on cameo scene filmed sometime this year, since productions have all been halted due to the WGA Writers Strike. Of course, Liu could be trolling fans with this random image, but it is a fun idea he is in the show, as it hasn’t been confirmed if he is indeed in the live-action series.

Update: We at Knight Edge Media were told by a source that Simu Liu was never on set. However, it would be a fun idea for a season 2 cameo.

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In the original series, Lu Ten is the older cousin to Zuko & Azula and third in line as Firelord. Though we never see him, because he is only mentioned in flashbacks from Zuko’s perspective. We learn that Lu Ten dies in battle while Iroh is away at the siege of Ba Sing Se. Lu Ten’s death hurts Iroh deeply, and he willingly relinquishes his title as the Crown Prince to his younger brother Ozai since he has no more heirs. Iroh then begins his long pilgrimage to the Spirit World and his eventual change of heart from the evil ways of the Fire Nation. Many fans have come to assume that Lu Ten dies directly under the command of Iroh at Ba Sing Se, thus Iroh’s extreme guilt at the loss of his son. However, this fan theory was never explained in the show. This could simply be another way the live-action series will enhance the stories laid out in the original animated series.

Avatar: The Last Airbender will stream exclusively on Netflix in 2024

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