Shelob Expected To Make An Appearance in ‘The Rings of Power’ Season 2

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Recently, our friends over at Fellowship of Fans have revealed that the giant spider Shelob is expected to make a limited appearance in The Rings of Power season 2. The report states that she will simply appear in a single episode, much like the Balorg did in season 1. Not much is known about Shelob from the second age after her mother, Ungoliant, nearly killed Morgoth in the First Age. So it will be interesting to see how the showrunners J.D Payne and Patrick McKay will integrate her into the show.

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Some fans suggest that Sauron (i.e Halbrand) could come face-to-face with the beast as he looks to retake Mordor from Adar. As Shelob could already be hiding in the mountains above Mordor before Minas Ithil is established by Isildur. This showdown could mirror the First Age battle between (former allies) Ungoliant and Morgoth over the Silmarils.

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Another fun fan theory (that could seriously piss off book purists) is the showrunners could introduce the humanoid non-canon version of the character seen in the video game Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. In that adaption, Shelob is only a giant spider during battle but transforms into an evil sorcerous when she needs to converse with the main hero. Though that is extreme speculation and not found in the original books whatsoever. Production is still underway on season 2 for another month in the UK.

The Rings of Power returns to Amazon Prime sometime in 2024

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